Tree of Life Foundation International, Inc. works with and supports nonprofit organizations dedicated to the rescue and protection of animals. In collaboration with committed organizations and volunteers the foundation has saved hundreds of animals, provided them with loving temporary care and found them well-matched habitats and forever homes. 

The foundation has made a difference by aiding in peaceful coexistence of humans and animals and the rescue of animals in need of relocation, protecting endangered animals and assisting in creating safe habitat spaces while advocating and aiding in the persecution of wild animals.

Among the organizations supported by the Tree of Life Foundation International, Inc. are; Audubon Florida, Palm Beach Zoo, Rhinos without Borders and Peggy Adams Animal Rescue. When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, The foundation was able to rescue hundreds of animals that were left behind. 

Please consider making a donation to our Animal Branch to continue to support, advocate and protect the world’s animals.


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