The Tree of Life Foundation International, Inc. offers resources that prevent and end homelessness and support the recovery and independence of those that have befallen to homelessness. Not having a home can make it harder for individuals to find a job, stay healthy and maintain relationships. It is estimated that 150 million people are homeless worldwide.

It is important that we raise awareness to remove the stigma associated with homelessness. The belief that those experiencing homelessness are suffering from untreated substance abuse or mental illness is a misconception. While there are those who have found themselves homeless that do suffer from these conditions, it is not the majority. The number one cause of homelessness in families is insufficient income and lack of affordable housing, followed by unemployment and poverty; for women the leading cause of homelessness is domestic violence. 

Those who experience homelessness often feel isolated which can increase the chances of an individual to take part in risky behaviour such as partaking in the use of drugs. Evidence in various studies suggests individuals who experience homelessness for extended periods can have a more difficult getting back on their feet. 

Homelessness does not have to be permanent, and the experience does not have to define a person or their life. 

Please consider donating to Tree of Life Foundation International, Inc.’s Homeless   Branch so that we can continue to support individuals and organizations such as St. Ann Place that helps support getting our community back on their feet.


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