Better health is central to human happiness and well-being having access to health and medical care are of great significance, it means the population has access to combat illness also contribute even more to improving people’s quality of life. It also makes an important contribution to economic progress as healthy populations live longer and are more productive. Estimations indicate that health and medical care contribute added years to life expectancy.  

The Tree of Life Foundation International, Inc.’s Medical Branch makes a difference by helping individuals and organizations that are dedicated to providing medical care in the areas need most and enhancing excellence in patient care for the diverse local communities, national and International.

The Tree of Life Foundation International, Inc.supports local residents in various ways, for those who reside at the Tree of Life Center can receive emergency dental care in collaboration with Blue Hearts Dental. 

Among other organizations supported through our Medical branch are: Be a Star Foundation, Blue Jacket initiative to benefit Prostate Cancer Foundation, Children International Life Line, End Allergies Together, Friends of the Orphans (NPH), Hospital Albert Schweitzer, Jessica June Children’s Cancer Foundation, Little Smiles, Miami Cancer Institute, Orbis International, Red Sneakers for Oakley, Inc., Reviver Children’s Hospital, Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. 

Please consider donating to Tree of Life Foundation International, Inc.’s Medical Branch so that we can continue to help those in medical need in our local and global communities.


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